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As the upgraded product of YX-150PRO, it adopt advanced four-axis drive robots, combined with arm shift and gun swing technology, can even weld 100mm wall thickness pipelines (above Φ168mm). It is a major breakthrough in international thick-wall welding technology and is widely used in oil and gas industries.

Product Detail


HW-ZD-201 series all position automatic pipeline welding machine is the latest masterpiece of the cooperation between Tianjin Yixin Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd. and Tsinghua University. It integrates more than ten patented technologies such as head automatic walking, electronic control system, and fault detection system. It can realize precise control of posture and time, intelligent gun swing function, even the ultra thick pipes can be welded with excellent welding quality. The maximum welding thickness can reach 100mm. It is a hot sale all position automatic welding machine in home and abroad,widely used in gas and natural oil pipe welding as first and great breakthrough. The whole system realizes integration optimization, adopts high-quality alloy steel shell of impact-resistant engineering, exclusive patented appearance design, exquisite and generous, compact and portable, and has a high degree of integration. All components can be integrated and stored in the outer box, which is convenient for on-site management and inter-project transportation; The base of the box is equipped with universal wheels, which is convenient for on-site movement and is suitable for various harsh welding environments.



◆Integrated welding head with wire feeder: compact structure, stable wire feeding, strong arc stability, light overall weight

◆Data record: Realize 360°24 welding zone parameter presets, automatic reuse, to meet the GMAW/FCAW-GS welding process of various working conditions.

◆Applicable: 5-100mm thickness pipelines. OD: above 125mm (for fitting and cap)

◆Welding material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, low temperature steel.

◆Portable use: Small size and light weight. The portable design is suitable for field construction operation requirements.

◆On site work: The pipe is fixed and the magnetic head is crawling on the pipe, which realizes the automatic welding of the pipeline in all positions

◆High quality: The weld seam is beautifully formed, and the weld seam quality can meet the flaw detection requirements.

◆High efficiency: Welding efficiency increased by 400% (compared to traditional manual welding)

◆Wireless control: Using a high-definition 5-inch color touch screen interface, which can realize real-time editing, input, storage and recall of welding parameters

◆Easy operation:Easy training, quick start, reducing dependence on scarce and highly skilled welders

◆Detection test: The weld quality meets UT/RT and other flaw detection tests.

Technical Parameters:

Welding head

Type HW-ZD-201
Operating voltage Rated voltage DC12-35V   Typical DC24rated power:<100W
Current control range Equal or Higher than 80A lower than 500A
Voltage control range 16V-35V
Swing speed 0-50 Continuously adjustable
Swing width 2mm-30mm Continuously adjustable
Left timing 0-2s Continuously adjustable
Right timing 0-2s Continuously adjustable
Gun swing speed 0-50 Continuously adjustable
Arm shifting wide 2mm-15mm Continuously adjustable
Welding speed 50-900mm/min, Unlimited adjustable
Applicable pipe diameter DN114mm above
Applicable wall thickness 5-100mm
Applicable material Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, low-temperature steel, etc. (Stainless steel customized track)
Application Various pipe section welds, such as pipe-to-pipe welds, pipe-to-elbow welds, pipe-to-flange welds (if necessary, transitional joints with fake pipes)
Welding wire(φmm) 1.0-1.2mm
Operating temperature -20℃…+60℃
storage temperature -20℃…+60℃
Dimensions(L*W*H) Welding head 350mm*260mm*300mm (with wire feeder)
Weight Welding head 15Kg

Power Supply


Power Control System

Power voltage 3~50/60Hz 400V-15%...+20%
Rated power 60%ED100%ED  16KVA 22.1KVA16.0KVA
Fuse (delayed)   35A
Output 60% temporary load rate 60%ED100%ED 500A390A
Welding current and voltage range MIG  10V-50V10A-500A
No-load voltage MIG/MAG/Pulse 80V
No-load power   100W
Power factor (maximum current)   0.9
Efficiency (maximum current) - 88%
Storage temperature range   -40℃~+60℃
EMC level   A
Total current minimum short-circuit capacity Ssc*   5.5MVA
Protection Grade   IP23S
Dimensions L*W*H 830mm*400mm*370mm
Voltage supply for auxiliary devices   50VDC/100W
Voltage supply for cooling device   24DC/50VA


Manual welding

Automatic Welding

Welding affected by many factors Consistent welding effect, light and portable, magnetic adsorption (track can be equipped)
High skill required Low skill required, operator with basic welding experience can do well after a short training
Long training cycle  Short training cycle, Operators with basic welding experience can do well after short training.
Higher cost of labor Low cost of labor, with about 400% higher efficiency than manual welding
Poor welding quality High welding quality and the welding seam can pass the flaw detection test such as UT/RTReduce welding labor force and labor cost, continuous welding saves time
Bad welding appearance Fish scale weld effect, beautiful weld shape Raise productivity and reduce welding cost, reliable quality, and good shape forms
High time costs and harder work Reduce welding labor force and labor cost, continuous welding reduces time.
High waste of welding material Without waste, save welding material: wire, gas, and so on

On Site Work

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Training for better results

We can train your operator to handle the welding machine( operators with basic welding experience are available). Once everything is well done, you are ready for start your welding.


We take the continuity of your company seriously. Therefore we offer several maintenance solutions. First of all, your employees are trained to do the regular maintenance themselves. If there are any problems, we can offer the next options.

1. Thanks to the online environment, we can give solutions online to solve problems from a distance. We can offer telephonic support to assist your operators.

2. If there are any troubles, we can handle asap. If there are something that we cannot handle online, we can also offer on site training.

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