What Is A Closed Type Automatic Pipe Welding Machine

Tianjin Yixin closed type automatic pipe welding machine (also known as closed type orbital welding machine, orbital welding machine, automatic tube welding machine, stainless steel tube welding, tube to tube orbital welding head, closed type orbital welding head, closed welding head for orbital welding system, orbital tube welding, pipe orbital welding head fusion welding; tube orbital TIG welding, tube to tube orbital welding machine with closed head, closed head orbital TIG welding machine) adopts a digital intelligent welding control system (this system consists of a control system, a power supply system and a cooling water tank, and has the characteristics of digitization, easy operation, reliability, etc. ), cooperate with the all-position welding head for automatic welding, the operator only needs to input the pipe diameter and wall thickness during the welding process, the equipment will automatically call the automatic welding program for automatic welding, one-key arc start, automatic arc stop, no need in the whole process Human intervention makes the welding more intelligent (the device has a built-in micro-printer, and the relevant welding data can be automatically printed during the welding process). The control system of this model adopts an open and upgradeable operating system to centrally set, store, and synchronously control various functional parameters in all-position welding. It is specially designed and manufactured for thin-walled tube/tube welding. Pipe welding in semiconductors, chemicals, food, medicine, electronic pipeline, and other industries.

1. Operating conditions:

ü Tube diameter: Φ3mm-Φ114mm;

ü Tube thickness: 0.5-3mm;

ü Tube material: carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, and titanium alloy;

ü Welding attitude: all-position welding;

ü Welding form: straight pipe, pipe flange, pipe elbow butt, no groove;

2. Cleaning and requirements before welding

u When welding carbon steel pipes, 5-8mm of the weld should be polished and trusted to expose the primary color of the metal;

u The incision of the pipe should be flat, vertical, and deburred, and there should be no gap after the two pipes are aligned;

u Clean oil stains with acetone or alcohol.

3. Equipment Features

  • ØThe overall design of this automatic pipeline welding machine tends to be convenient, energy-saving, intelligent, and human-computer interaction. Compared with the original split type, the volume and weight are reduced by one-third. The one-piece design can be used for construction with limited space on site.
  • ØIt is suitable for the automatic welding of thin-walled pipes and tubes of carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, and other materials.
  • ØMainly used in pharmaceutical pipelines, food, bioengineering, electronics, instrumentation, installation of pipelines, and other industries.
  • ØClosed welding, good welding protection effect, beautiful and compact surface shape, suitable for on-site installation with small operating space, and good accessibility.
  • ØRotating non-winding structure, the gun body is water-cooled, and the welding gun is light and has a high temporary load rate.
  • ØThe positioning method is clamp block positioning, and the positioning is accurate.
  • ØThe handle is equipped with operation buttons, which conform to the ergonomic design.
  • ØUsed in conjunction with T200 programmable welding power source, it can precisely realize TIG all-position welding and achieve ideal welding results.
  • ØThe design of the water cooling cycle keeps the temperature of the welding handle to ensure the stability of the welding seam; the quick-plug fixture reduces the preparation time before welding.
  • ØA variety of fixtures are available to meet the welding forms of different pipes such as elbows, flanges, and tees.

Post time: Oct-28-2022